Blue Division Orange Division
Winston Churchill Immanuel Christian
Brooks Canmore
Coaldale Christian Acme

Friday, February 11th - Round Robin Play
 Time           Home Team                          Away Team                Location
10:50 AM Winston Churchill 73 vs Coaldale Christian 54 WCHS
*12:40PM Canmore vs Acme Wilson
*2:30PM Coaldale Christian vs Brooks Wilson
*4:20 PM Immanuel Christian vs Canmore Wilson
6:10 PM Brooks vs Winston Churchill WCHS
*8:00 Immanuel Christian vs Acme Wilson

Final Standings will be determined as follows
1. Total Points (2 pts for a win 0 pts for a loss)
2. Results between teams that are tied
3. Point differential (total pts for – total pts against)

Saturday, February 12th - Playoffs
3rd Place Orange Division

11:30 AM at WilsonConsolation Winners
3rd Place Blue Division

1st Place Blue Division

11:30 AM at WCHSFinalist #1
2nd Place Orange Division
Tournament Champions

7:30 PM at WCHS
1st Place Orange Division

3:30 PM at WCHSFinalist #2
2nd Place Blue Division

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